How This Newly Single Grandma Looks Incredibly Fit at 63 Years Old

One fit grandma is showing the world how age is clearly just a number as she draws in more fans and followers on her sexy Instagram account.

Meet 63-year-old Lesley Maxwell who is going viral after revealing her secrets to looking so fit and fabulous at her age. Known for her incredibly ripped physique and sultry snaps on Instagram, clearly, this woman is in a league of her own.

Source: Daily Star

And if we told you she earns nearly 38,000 Pounds in a year, would you believe us? Yes, the fit gran is putting so many younger girls and guys to shame with her workouts and strict diet plans that she swears by.

Source: Daily Star

Her eye-popping workouts and love for all things fitness have so many people dropping their jaws and that includes her followers which have now reached nearly 27,000 in such a short span of time.

Donning a pink-toned sports bra online, her hard-rock abs are clearly what brings so many boys to the yard.

Source: Daily Star

Captioning her recent post with “lovely squeezing my own training tonight after I just got done with PT sessions,” many were baffled as to where she gets the stamina and motivation to do so much.

Source: Daily Star

“Sometimes the hardest part of my fitness routine is showing up to the gym but I am super grateful to be doing everything I love at this age,” she added. In the same way, you can expect this granny to leave her audiences wanting more as she loves wearing outfits that put her stellar body on display.

A recent photo of Lesley had over 500 likes and there were hundreds of comments too from so many anxious fans.

Source: Daily Star

Many young viewers like to comment on how they adore seeing her exercise and feel she’s too hot to be true at that age. Do you agree?


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