Did you know that dragonflies are the biggest predators of mosquitos and can eat hundreds of them a day? This makes them a great addition to your garden and the safest natural pest control. They keep mosquito population in check. Dragonflies eat mosquitoes, both at the larval stage and as adults. Having a few dragonflies … Read more

Are Sprouted Potatoes Safe Enough For Consumption? Here’s What Experts Think

The sprouting process is natural although it is not particularly welcome as it strips the spud of beneficial nutrients. This is because the appearance of the tiny sprouts kickstart the conversion of starch to sugar that will foster the growth of a new potato plant. Are sprouting potatoes safe to eat? YES. However, you have … Read more

Viral Hack For Cleaning Your Air Fryer That Makes it Look ‘Like New’

This trick to clean our fryer without oil has gone viral, although it can also have its risks. In recent years, oil-free fryers have become popular , which allows us not only to be able to cook much healthier foods, but also being much easier to clean, although that does not mean that we do not have … Read more

‘Nobody Can Stop Russia’: Blind Psychic Baba Vanga Had Predicted Vladimir Putin Would Rule The World!

Infamously known as the Nostradamus of the Balkans, Baba Vanga might have left the world 26 years back but her predictions continue to live till date. For the unversed, the clairvoyant from Bulgaria is very famous among conspiracy theorists for predicting global events way before they happened. Vanga is said to have foretold major events … Read more

Their wedding day had no gown and no photographer. So 97-YO bride and 98-YO groom recreated it 77 years later

“They said, ‘Are you ready to see your bride?’ and took the blindfold off. He had just the biggest smile the rest of the day,” their daughter said. There wasn’t even time to get a wedding dress, let alone a photographer, when Frankie King married her high school sweetheart, Royce, in 1944. The couple had … Read more

20+ Creative Ways to Use Binder Clips

There are many ways to be more creative and use things differently other than their common uses. As for binder clips, they are not just used for binding books and paper together. They are actually more versatile than you expected and are surprisingly useful in many areas around your house.  Here we have gathered more than 20 … Read more

9 Clever Uses for Silica Gel You Should Know

When we open up something new, such as a box of new shoes, we may always find the little bags of silica gel inside. They help to absorb excess moisture around and keep the items dry and damage free. We usually toss these bags away because we think they are useless. But it turns out there are many clever uses for … Read more


Method 1: Salt and lemon juice* Ingredients :° salt° ½ lemonto prepare1. Generously sprinkle salt on the rusted piece until it becomes a thick layer.2. Squeeze the lemon juice over the salt to gently soak the mixture.3. Leave this mixture to sit for 10 minutes.4. Use lemon to rub the salt mixture from the body … Read more

7 Signs Your Guardian Angel Is Trying To Contact You

In life we seek comfort from our loved ones in moments of trouble. But where do you turn to if no one is there to help? But for luckily, spiritual gurus believe that guardian angels are at our sides at all times. I think this mystery is an inherent aspect of the infinite universe. As an element … Read more

12 Comics That Will Ring a Bell With Anyone Who’s Ever Fallen in Love

Not everyone in the world is lucky enough to find their true love. That’s why its value is really immeasurable. If you have someone who you adore and you can’t imagine your life without them, you should know: you’re an incredibly lucky person. Just like illustrator Luong Thuy, who shows love in her touching and funny comics. Just Healthy Way likes these comics because they … Read more

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