The Breakfast That Killed My Cholesterol, Fat and Blood Sugar

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it boosts your energy, improves your concentration and helps you burn calories throughout the day. Numerous studies associate breakfast with a good overall health, better memory, lower chances of various health issues, including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, high cholesterol, etc. Breakfast omission can disturb the … Read more

Top Detox Water Recipes For Losing Weight and Cleansing Your Body Naturally

detox water recipes

Detox beverages are a great way to lose weight naturally without excessive exercising. They naturally help speed up your metabolism and give you more energy. Make You Feel Fuller Faster Detox waters, teas, and smoothies contain healthy ingredients that can help you feel full without consuming a large number of unnecessary fats and calories. They … Read more

This is the perfect breakfast for losing weight and cleaning the body of toxins

perfect breakfast

Breakfast is considered as the most important meal of the day since this is the one that provides us with energy to be able to perform in our daily activities. But the important thing is not to eat anything, but to eat something nutritious and at the same time help you release toxins, lose weight and … Read more

48 Foods to Balance Your Hormones, Boost Your Metabolism, and Lose Weight

hormonal balance

The hormonal balance, healthy and radiant skin and optimally-functioning reproductive system are extremely important for every single person. However, they are not difficult to be achieved, since a diet rich in nutritious, and nutrient-dense foods will provide magnificent effects. Our hormones control our metabolism, mood, digestion, and libido. On the other hand, if our body … Read more



Natural medicine has been widely used in recent times, thanks to that with very little money it can cure many diseases and the risk of side effects. The body collects larger amounts of toxins every day. The liver, kidneys, intestines – all of these organs, and not just these, fight for purification of toxins and … Read more

A Thyroid Juice Anyone With Inflammation or Hormone Imbalance Should Drink Once a Week


The function of the thyroid gland is to distribute various hormones throughout the body, and thus regulate body temperature, menstrual cycles, fat and carbohydrate metabolism, cholesterol levels, respiration, brain development, the function of the heart and nervous system, blood calcium levels, and skin integrity. Therefore, it is of high importance to take the needed measures … Read more

20 Everyday Healthy Foods That Will Naturally Detox and Cleanse Your Body

Diuretic foods are beneficial as they reduce blood pressure, remove the excess fluid from the body, and help you lose weight. The following diuretic foods will help you cleanse the body from toxins and excess fluids and experience significant health improvements: Parsley Parsley is one of the most potent natural diuretics. It is abundant in … Read more

These Common Ingredients And 15 Minutes Is All You Need to Help Kill a Sinus Infection

sinsus infection

Sinus infections can be really miserable, accompanied by symptoms like headaches, pain, and sinus pressure. Sinusitis is the medical term for most types of sinus infections and covers the inflammation of the nasal cavities and sinuses, which can cause breathing difficulties, pressure, and pain. It can be caused by viral, allergic, bacterial, and fungal infections, … Read more