“Fit Grandma” Says Eating 150 Eggs a Month is Her Secret to Staying Healthy

Eggs are one of those foods that many people aren’t quite sure about.

Are they as healthy as some people claim they are, or are they too high in cholesterol?

Whether or not eggs are healthy for your individual diet, one thing is for sure: there are a lot of people who swore by them as a regular part of their diet.

Recently, one woman has found her way into the national spotlight after sharing information about her personal diet, which includes the consumption of up to 150 eggs a month.

She’s become something of a fitness celebrity, and she’s using her platform to spread the word about her eating and lifestyle habits.

Now in Her 50’s, She Has Become a Celebrity


At age 52, Andrea Sunshine employs her unique diet to keep her six-pack abs.

The half-Brazilian, half-Dutch woman says that she keeps a strict fitness and workout routine, while adding that eating mostly vegetables along with eggs has been a key component.

Her daily caloric intake is about 3,500 calories, which she consumes over six to eight meals.

She prefers snacks including broccoli, green beans, little corn, egg whites, cauliflower, yam, cabbage and spinach.

She says she avoids sweeter vegetables like carrot and pumpkin.

She also consumes up to four liters of water per day.

“I Don’t Like the Attention”

fit grandma
Via Andrea Sunshine/Instagram

Even with her robust physique, Andrea said she gets a lot of attention from men, and doesn’t necessarily always like it.

“Young men have a crush on good-looking mature ladies so I get hit on all the time,” she said. “I don’t like the attention.

When I am in my session, I hate to be disturbed.”

She says she maintains her lifestyle as an example that older women can stay fit, and can take great care of themselves along with their homes and families.

“There is a stigma that with advancing age of women, they should only dedicate themselves to taking care of the home and family. It’s possible to do both,” she said according to FitnessVolt.com.