Clean Your Colon With This Green Juice and You Could Start Losing Weight In a Few Days

The colon is an organ of the digestive system, which we commonly know as the large intestine.

This is responsible for absorbing nutrients from food and store waste, waste and toxins that must be expelled from the body. Its operation is so important that any obstruction could cause death.

It is very important to learn the best treatments for this kind of condition, we never know when we may need them.

Although there are certain drugs and laboratory products, the best solutions are definitely the natural ones. The problem is that mixing any vegetable fruit does not work.

Although they are healthy, combining fruits and vegetables at random to prepare your green shake, can cause quite disappointing results.

Green juices are very beneficial in health is very important to follow the recipe to the letter so that the results are progressive, do not give up halfway.

We have a special recipe for you, a green juice capable of cleaning your colon, it will also help you lose weight if you consume it for 5 consecutive days.

Do not require experience, just a few ingredients and a few minutes of your time and follow the letter, you can start to make it from today.

Natural juice to strengthen the colon and its functioning.

This treatment is elaborated taking advantage of the properties of the following natural products:

Aloe is responsible for absorbing nutrients from food, reverts constipation, cleanses the body and strengthens digestion.

Cucumber is vegetable that hydrates the body and improves metabolism, also has enzymes that help improve protein digestion.

Olive oil is the natural laxative par excellence, cleans the intestinal walls and uncovers the digestive system in its entirety.

Lemon: its vitamin C content helps reduce stress, cleanses the body and facilitates the burning of body fat.

Pineapple eliminates bacteria that can cause discomfort in the colon, prevents stomach parasites that cause constipation.

To prepare it, you need to liquefy the following ingredients very well:

  • A cup of aloe gel.
  • A cup of pineapple.
  • Juice of half a lemon
  • Half chopped cucumber, with its peel.
  • A tablespoon of olive oil.
  • A glass of mineral water.

After liquefying, consume immediately after preparing it. If you apply fasting for 5 days, the results will become noticeable at that time. Do not replace your breakfast with this drink.

Remember to eat properly, do some daily exercise and do not forget to hydrate. Share this recipe through your social networks.