A Woman Crept Beneath The Bed to Spy on Her Husband.

The woman took drastic action due to her husband’s constant delay. She left a brief note notifying him that she had had enough of the relationship and had decided to part ways. She hid behind the bed, waiting for his response.

As the minutes passed, her husband returned home, going through the kitchen and into the bedroom.

She looked out from beneath the bed, watching him approach the dresser and pick up the note she’d left for him. He hesitated momentarily after reading it over before grabbing a pen and scribbling something on a piece of paper

Her heart pounding with excitement, the woman caught her breath as he grabbed the phone and dialed. Who was he trying to reach? What did he intend to say?

She pushes to hear his words as he speaks in quiet tones, but all she can make out is a trace of a smirk in his voice. As he hung up the phone, the woman realized she may have made a rash decision.

“She finally packed her bags and walked through the door after weeks of waiting.” Despite his heavy heart, he couldn’t wait to see his lover and feel her touch again.

He anxiously dialed the phone number, anticipating the sound of her voice on the other end. He couldn’t help but visualize the curves of her body draped in her gorgeous French nightgown as he made preparations to see her.

Their love was intense and profound, and he was willing to go to any length to please her. He spoke softly into the phone, telling her he loved her and couldn’t wait to see her. It looked like he was going to see his mistress.

He grabbed his keys and went to her as the phone call finished, eagerly anticipating all the wicked things they would do together.

She heard the car move away as she emerged from beneath the bed.

She was furious, and tears welled up in her eyes.

She took the note to see what he had written…

“I see your feet. We’ve run out of bread. I’ll be right back.”