A Few Sips A Day Will Get Rid You Of Water Retention, Puffy Face, Cellulite And Some Other Pounds

Someone loses weight for months, and someone after a week gets a few inches thinner at the waist. Sometimes physiology is guilty, but often the reason lies in the very approach to weight loss. For one quite effective we will talk today

Weight loss with a few pounds for a few days is possible even without a reduced menu. Diet is designed to burn fat, but the effect of a puffy face and a puffy body do not always talk about its excess. The reason is in the water metabolism and saline balance of the body.

Proper nutrition eliminates greasy, fried and too salty foods. Salt is something that even vegans refuse. In the diet of an ordinary person, too much salt is unnatural. The consequences are: the salt is needed to absorb the water, and when there is too much salt, the water is retained. So there is swelling and puffiness

Because of the imbalance of water and the excess in the body, the fat layer increases unevenly, cellulite appears.

This type of obesity is not uncommon and the fight with it is quite simple. For this, you should use natural diuretics. They remove excess fluid from the body, relieve swelling and regulate the metabolism of water. The body may have up to 4 liters of excess liquid! You can eliminate it for a week using a time-proven recipe.

Lemon, ginger, green tea and watermelon are good but not enough to handle the task quickly. The bay leaf is more suitable for this. Green tea from bay leaves is salvation for models and public figures when they need to get into shape for a short time. We share a recipe for weight loss with tea.

Tea for losing weight

You will need:

  • 3 cups of water
  • 1 stick of cinnamon
  • 3 teaspoons of green tea
  • 1-2 bay leaves

Boil the water and add all ingredients to it. Allow to steam for 15 minutes, cover the pan with a lid. Prepare the finished tea through a sieve or a cheesecloth and drink 3 times a day: on an empty stomach in the morning, after breakfast and before going to bed. The course lasts for 1 week and is not worth repeating more than once every two months.

Green tea and bay leaf are diuretics, and cinnamon is necessary for taste. Its smell, sometimes fine, soothes even brutal appetite. Thus tea prevents overeating, speeds up metabolism and removes excess water from the body. Save our useful recipe and share your impressions with us.