Doctor’s Warning: Never Clean Your Child With Baby Wipes No Matter What


Baby wipes are a basic and essential item for parents. They are perfect for cleaning up a variety of messes. You can get a pack and throw them in the car. Baby wipes are perfect for cleaning sticky faces, hands, and toys on the go. But they are not as safe as we thought. NBC News reported about a study that showed baby wipes are not good for our children’s skin.

The results of a single screening showed that the skin of children after intense use of wet face laces is red. Painful and irritable. A US University Doctor Dr. Mary Wu Chang said she was researching the subject and found that they were harmful to children. She as a dermatologist and pediatrician advises that it contains chemical substances that cause infections and that children’s skin reacts especially.

Dr. Chang remembered another report about a man in Belgium that had a severe reaction to a chemical preservative called methylisothiazolinone. This was the same chemical in the wipes that was responsible for the skin irritation seen in the children.

Because of the concern about the skin reactions from methylisothiazolinone, companies are considering removing it from their products. The goal is to replace it with a more natural additive. Dr. Ellen Frankel, another dermatologist, confirmed that she will advise parents not to use baby wipes because of all the chemicals they contain.

Be sure to check the ingredients listed on the next package of baby wipes you look at before you buy! Spread the word!