Warning, 15 Days Before a Stroke, Your Body Will Send You These Signals

Many deadly diseases send certain signals to us through our bodies before attacking us directly.

Over time, we have taken care to share some symptoms and signs that, experts say, tend to appear in our bodies when we are developing some serious health problems that represent a serious danger.

Now, we want to talk about the changes that we can begin to notice in our body up to a month before suffering a stroke. According to the experts, if we notice these symptoms on time and take the necessary measures, we are more likely to survive this attack.

In recent years, the number of victims of a stroke has increased a lot and it is considered that this is due to the expressive lifestyle that people currently have. Another risk factor for this problem is lack of sleep, not sleeping the amount of time that can be fatal.

However, even though we must prevent the risk factors of this problem if we know what their symptoms are and the signs that appear in our body before suffering it, we can prevent it and reduce the damages that this causes us. Know the rest of the information in the following video.