Using Hydrogen Peroxide for Cleaning

Wold-wide, hydrogen peroxide is one of the most popular and most common household disinfectants. It is also used in beauty hacks. We can say that it  can help you clean and whiten everything from your teeth and nails to your tile and carpet!

If you use it properly, alongside baking soda it has many beauty and health uses. For example you can use it to remove teeth stains, clear acne or whiten nails.

Among its cleaning uses we find tile surfaces, toilet bowls, tubs, mold and mildew removal, grout whitening, countertops or cutting boards disinfectant, fruits and vegetables wash, or cleaning the fridge.

It can also whiten laundry, remove organic stains, deodorize musty fabrics, or clean rugs and carpets.

To clean tile surfaces, for ease of use, get a glass spray bottle and spray it directly on stains and dirt.

To clean your toilet bowl, pour half of a cup of it in the bowl and leave to soak for 30 minutes. Rinse to loosen the deposits and use the toilet brush to get them off.

To control mold or mildew, just spray on some hydrogen peroxide once in a while to the predisposed areas to prevent them from growing.

Use it as it is to disinfect cutting boards and kill bacteria that might remain on the board from raw meat. Generously rinse afterwards.

Also use as it is to clean your fridge. Same thing, make sure you thoroughly rinse it off, when  you’re finished.

To whiten laundry, add one cup of hydrogen peroxide to a basin full of water in which you soak your yellowed whites for at least 15 minutes before washing as usual.

To remove coffee, wine, sweat or blood stains mix two parts of hydrogen peroxide with one part liquid dishwasher. Use with caution on colored fabrics due to its whitening properties.

Same thing to clean the carpet or rug. It might be best to test it in  an area that doesn’t show to make sure you won’t ruin it while trying to get it clean.