These Three Workouts Will Eliminate Belly Fat!

Are you ready to get inside your favorite pants? Do you have some fat build up around your waist from the winter period? There’s nothing to worry about, because with the proper diet, plenty of water and the following exercises, you will get rid of the “winter shape” you’re in.

Side Bending

Take a stand, shoulder-width apart, hands down beside the body. Lower one hand toward the knees while you gently lift the other by your waist. Make sure your back is in the proper position all the time. Work  both sides. To achieve even better result, grab a small weight n your hands(or water bottles of half a liter). Do a total of 50 repetitions.

Waist Rotation

Take a wider stand with your knees bent a bit. Fully extend your arms in front of you. The exercise consists of waist rotation in one direction, then the other side, while making sure your hips are not moving. Do a total of 50 repetitions.

The Switch

Lie on the floor or bench with stretched arms and legs. Lift your shoulders off the floor reaching for your toes, try to touch them. When you tap your toes, hold for a few seconds in this position and return to the start. Do 15 repetitions.