These Animal Planters Keep Themselves Hydrated By Drinking From Their Little Water Bowls

These days, it turns out we have everything except time, so very often, our plants are usually at the end of the to-do list.

However, there is always a solution.

If you would like to brighten up your home and stop neglecting your plants, the online retailer Firebox offers a line of practical and cute drinking animal planters, available in four adorable designs – cat, dog, frog, and panda. The unique planters will keep your plants are well-hydrated.

Their most striking feature of the ceramic planters is their super long realistic tongue, similar to the one of the reptilian Pokémon Lickitung. It is connected to the soil that holds the plant on its back, and as the tongue soaks up the water, it brings water to the soil to feed the plant.

These self-sufficient drinking animal planters are also an adorable décor item.

Each of the ceramic critters has its own type of plant perched atop their sweet little heads, so the cat has a wild strawberry plant, the dog has clover plant, the frog has mint plant, and the panda has basil plant. You can choose your favorite, or buy all of them and make a cute collection.

According to the Firebox website, these fancy Peropon Drinking Animal Planters are self-sufficient, and will help you reap the benefits of oxygen-giving, sweet-smelling miniature plants “without lifting a single digit”. With a sip of their tongue, they provide your plants with delicious nourishment.

Each order includes a box with the ceramic planter, seeds, soil, and water bowl, and the planter measures approximately 7cm(W) x 7.5cm(H) x 10cm(D).

Then, all you have to do is to plant the seeds in the planter filled with soil, soak the tongue in the bowl of water, and let the planters take care of the rest. Just make sure you refill the bowl with water when needed.

Place the animal planters in a spot exposed to a safe amount of sunlight, such as a windowsill or a desk, and the stubby-legged pets will ensure your plants will grow healthy and beautiful.

What an awesome invention!