The UN warns that we have only 2 years to prevent the effects of climate change

Again we meet again the bad news and the countdown has already started a few months ago. The UN announced that we would only have two years to do something to combat climate change.

On September 10, 2018, Antonio Guterres, the head of the UN, published this news to raise awareness in society and that together we start a fight to save the planet. If you do not do something, the consequences could be truly catastrophic.

“Mother Nature is warning us, and it is time to act. A clear example is what happened a few weeks ago when a group of polar bears invaded the lands of Russia in search of food ».

We must change the actions of the human being before 2020, we can not afford to cross the dangerous line of not being able to combat climate change. Not only would the human race be harmed, but also all the natural systems that sustain human life.

The great speech of Antonio Guterres was during one of the most important events worldwide. There were gathered thousands of mayors from all over the world, elected officials, large companies and the leaders of the UN .

He expressed himself clearly, mentioning that we are facing the worst threat that may exist. The greatest challenge of humanity is to become aware and to begin to act in the correct way.

«Climate change is much faster than us, we have to destroy this paralysis as soon as possible»

We have all the necessary tools to start acting effectively, but we do not have the leadership and ambition necessary to do what is necessary.

The main thing would be to stop deforestation, restore the forests that have been destroyed by human beings, change the way of cultivating and become aware of our actions. He also mentioned that we should change the way we heat, cool and light our buildings to waste less energy .

It should be noted that the UN will organize a global climate summit in September 2019, to continue generating awareness in society.