The 6 colors of clothing, which make people look younger

The choice of colors in clothing should be based on your type of appearance. The image will look good and stylish only if your clothes and shoes are in harmony with your face and hair. However, there are shades that can refresh you, regardless of your type, and make your visually younger.

Today we will talk about the colors that can give youthfulness to your image, freshness to the face, emphasize the dignity of your figure and hide the shortcomings, and also add elegance and femininity to your image. Regardless of what color type of appearance you belong to, follow the simple rule: the older you are, the lighter and, as a rule, cooler color shades should be near your face.

This is due to the fact that with age, the color of the eyes becomes paler, there can appear such skin problems as dark spots or weak capillaries, which give the face a bluish or reddish hue. Choose less dark colors! They emphasize your age, show wrinkles and flabbiness of the skin. Therefore, it is desirable to dilute darker things with lighter colors. Elegance is the most important of the rules! Always test clothes for elegance. If the clothes are not elegant, they just do not suit you. The older you are, the more effective this rule is.

Bright colors are also not for you. Strangely enough, they also get old, and not rejuvenate. It is especially strange for women of solid age to wear bright lacquer things and clothes with bright prints. Nevertheless, it is not worth giving up bright things. Vivid things bring fresh accents to your wardrobe, so use them sparingly, for example, in accessories.

Emphasize the dignity of the figure. Surely there are places in your figure that you consider most effective, they can be your ankles, wrists or hips. Do not hesitate to emphasize them – it will make you look younger. Clothes should fit the body. Do not wear too tight clothes. Only a well-suited garment emphasizes your youth – even if you are not very slim. On the contrary, loose, shapeless clothes will make you look like an old woman! Monochrome and minimal clothes rejuvenates.

Black color is considered one of the most elegant and refined. However, it mercilessly reveals the first signs of aging. Nothing can be done about this law. Therefore, if you can not exclude dark clothes from the wardrobe, add contrasting accessories or bright details to your look. If you like a business style, a bright blouse or shirt can help.

The combination of black and white is considered solemn, classical. However, if this combination does not suit you, try experimenting with light pastel colors. They favorably shade the skin color and make the face younger. Now, let’s look at 6 colors of clothing, which make people look younger:

#1. Turquoise. Ladies with fair skin should prefer light tones. Ladies with dark complexion can choose any shade of this color. Turquoise visually highlights the skin and makes you younger.

#2. Pink. Delicate and bright shades of pink make your appearance shine, attract attention and make you feminine, fragile and fresh. This color is associated with many young people. This fact will also help you.

#3. Graphite. This exquisite shade is an excellent solution for those who prefer dark colors, but are tired of black. Unlike the latter, it is less contrasting, and therefore does not emphasize small wrinkles or dark circles. Dark blue can become an alternative option.

#4. Neutral gray. It is a very practical color, which is appropriate almost always, and is combined with any other tones. This shade can make you younger, it refreshes and cools your appearance.

#5. Red. This color can also do you a favor and make you look younger. It invariably associates with passion and violent emotions, adds energy and does not allow other people to notice signs of aging.

#6. Lilac. Light, but at the same time, a noble and soft color will not only refresh your appearance and present you as a young and elegant lady, but will also make you look aristocratic and stylish. Choosing this shade in clothes will make your image more expensive.

Stylists believe that jewelry and sophisticated accessories should be at a minimum. Bright plastic jewelry, beads – accessories that can hardly be rejuvenated. Try to pay attention to jewelry with beautiful stones. Original and unusual in shape rings with stones can make you brighter and refresh your image.

If you want to look younger, try not to wear shoes with a large thick sole and with a rough broad toe. Choose high heels. This is a good and effective means to look younger. Firstly, they increase your height, and secondly, they visually remove some pounds.

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