Scientists Have Discovered What is Common to All Women Who Look Younger

Harvard scientists, for the needs of the cosmetic company “Olay”, conducted a large study in order to find out exactly how old the skin of a woman was, and their research involved women of different ages.

The research found that about 10 percent of women are aging considerably slower than others, and scientists have found out what is related to these women.

What is interesting is that the genes are not the “culprits” of youthfulness, but actually the activity of genes that depend on age and biorhythm.

Over the years, the activity of the genes decreases, and thus also reduces the production of collagen in the skin. But, as the research has shown, this process can be influenced by life habits and skin care habits.

See which three factors can affect the activity of the genes, which are common to all women of those happy 10 percent.

Use of a cream with a protective factor

About 78 percent of women who slowly aging from the rest use cream with an SPF factor. Also, 35 percent of women who avoid sunbathing are getting older much slower than others.

Proper hydration

Women who did not have dry skin showed lesser signs of skin aging. Although their skin type and the environment in which they lived played a role, it turned out that they not only used moisturizing agents but also introduced enough fluids.

With this, one of the biggest secrets of the young look is in the proper hydration and injecting enough water throughout the day.

A positive attitude towards herself

The third factor that scientists have noticed is the positive attitude towards oneself that young women are nurturing. The factor is observed in 30 percent of the examinees whose skin is slowly aging – so do not be strict about yourself and learn to want – you now have one reason more about it.

Scientists Have Discovered What is Common to All Women Who Look Younger