Say Goodbye To The Flu and Clean Your Lungs In Less Than a Day With This Powerful Homemade Syrup

One of the mostly grown and most popular vegetables worldwide is the carrot. It is an essential food in our diet. It’s commonly known after its sweet flavor and orange color. Besides, it provides numerous health benefits, including relieving of symptoms of flu and colds.

Carrots relieve respiratory problems, coughs included. So, in order to prevent them, in today’s article, we are going to show you a recipe of a carrot juice. If you include lemon and honey in it, you will get a perfect weapon against colds, flu, and coughs in the winter.

Carrots are one of the most ingested vegetables worldwide. Due to their outstanding taste and amazing nutritional components, carrots have been used in the preparation of natural medical recipes too. They are rich in a lot of health attributes, such as their capacity to improve your eyesight and skin. Thanks to their high content of vitamin C and B, carrots eliminate flu, phlegm, colds, and coughs, and at the same time, strengthen the immune system.

In order to prepare it, you will need ingredients which you probably have in your kitchen, and those are:

  • 5  large carrots
  • Lemon juice from 1 lemon
  • 4 tbsp. of honey


Slice the carrots into small pieces and put them to boil for a couple of minutes in a small amount of water. As soon as it boils, let it cool down. Then, smash the carrots by using a fork and add the lemon juice. Next, add the 4 tbsp. of honey and mix well. At the end, put it in a glass jar and refrigerate it.


Consume 5 tbsp. of this syrup on a daily basis until the symptoms disappear completely.


Besides the above-mentioned advantages, this homemade syrup will fight inflammation and soreness in the joints, bones, and in the muscle tissues, fights stress, and soothes the nerves and anxiety. Besides, it will provide you with the energy needed for the entire day. Moreover, it will treat acid reflux, gastritis, and heartburn.

NB: Not recommended for diabetic person since it contains sugars.