Red Thread on the Wrist: We Confess All the Secrets of the Most Powerful Amulet

Perhaps you have seen or heard somewhere about a red thread, which is believed to be a powerful amulet capable of absorbing negative energies and attracting prosperity to the person carrying it.

Some people do not believe in the veracity and scope of the bracelet made with red thread, however, there are many others who have the faithful believe that carrying it will make them happy.


Madonna is one of these people, and you can see the accessory in her left hand wherever she goes.

What is the true meaning of the red thread?

According to the Kabbalists, the red thread is an amulet of luck, prosperity, and affection, which works in conjunction with the positive energies that you have and the environment in which you surround yourself. Its main function is to absorb all kinds of bad energies, to drive away from your life the bad thoughts, dark entities and people that do not suit you. In this way, he manages to channel only the good vibes, attracting money, harmony, prosperity, love, wisdom, understanding and hope.

When, how and who can put the red thread?

This thread can be placed at any time of your life because it only seeks a personal well-being. Also, it has to be placed in the left hand and it must contain 7 knots, each represents the wishes that you intend to achieve. Now, the subject that is going to put the red thread has to be someone who wants your economic, social, mental and personal well-being.

So try to be a person close to you as your mother, best friend or someone with full confidence and you have the certainty that you want to see you always victorious.

What happens when the red thread breaks?

If this happens, do not panic, that means that the thread has already absorbed too many negative vibrations. Do not pick it up, leave it where it has fallen or discard it in a place far from your home or from the places you frequent. Look for another thread, if you do not want to reposition there is no problem, remember that the amulet is optional and not mandatory.

Does only the red thread serve as an amulet or can other colors be used?

It is really valid to use other colors and each one has completely different meanings.Below we will explain what the strings achieve with each key.

  • Yellow: Incentives the creativity and prosperity of the carrier.
  • Blue: Eliminates all types of anxiety, pain, and physical or mental discomfort.
  • Green: Clear negative thoughts, gossip, jealousy and malicious people.
  • Violet: Promotes the reach of the goals you intend to achieve.
  • Black: You can believe that it is a negative color, but in reality, it calls for serenity, tranquility, and respect for people.
  • White: Reflects purity, wisdom, understanding, courage, and patience.

These are some of the colors you can use to make your lucky charm. Do not forget to share on your social networks and leave us your opinions in the comments section.