This Is The Reason Why Walking Barefoot Is So Important!

We can all agree that shoes are one of the greatest inventions of mankind. They allow us to walk without the fear of hurting the soles and have been present for more than 50 000 years. However, many experts think that walking barefoot is better than walking in shoes – it improves our posture and is better for our feet and back, while also allowing your body to connect to nature.

Katherine Crofton, lead writer for the David Wolfe website says: “Growing up, my brothers and I left our shoes outside the door in order to protect the white carpet. (In retrospect, white is probably not the best color of carpet for a family with four children.) However, there are many cultures in which you must remove your shoes before entering the home or of another person, and this is expected.”

“I worked in South Korea for more than four years as an English teacher in a public school. There are special areas inside the Korean apartments that are placed at a lower level than the rest of the House. These areas are for shoes and the shoes of visitors. It is also common to provide comfortable slippers that guests can use during a visit to your House,” Crofton says.

 Here’s why it’s better to leave your shoes outside and walk barefoot at home:


Stop and think for a second – where did you walk today? Have you been in a public restroom? The floors of restrooms contain more than 2 million bacteria per square inch, while toilet seats contain 50. You’re walking in a room where maybe thousands of people have passed, and who knows where they might have been? Every day, you walk in places where millions of people pass, so it’s very common for our shoes to pick bacteria and other microorganisms that might harm our overall health. Do you want all of these organisms to end up in your home? Maybe now the idea of leaving your shoes outside your home makes perfect sense.


The environment contains a lot of toxins which can be brought into your home through the shoes. This includes herbicides and lead dust, as well as other harmful chemicals. If you want to keep yourself and your children safe from harm, it’s best to leave your shoes outside your home.


By walking everywhere, your shoes are full of soil that can be brought into your home easily and stain your carpets and floors. In order to keep your home clean, leave your shoes outside and walk barefoot.


Although not that dangerous as toxins or bacteria, dust is very annoying and difficult to clean. If you brought dust at home with your shoes, you’ll spend days cleaning it, which will rob you of energy and leave you tired.

Foot health

Believe it or not, walking barefoot can improve your health. This is why it’s important to walk barefoot as often as you can – this will keep your house cleaner and your health in check as well. According to several studies, people that walk barefoot have more flexible feet and are less likely to experience foot deformities.