Psychological Experiments To Challenge Your Uniqueness

Why do you behave the way you do? That sounds just like your parents right? You probably think that you are in charge in how you act. But are you? In an never ending quest psychologists have conducted loads of experiments in how the human brain actually works. So lets get into the experiments and solve and answer some of your questions.


Would you ever give a wrong answer when you know the right one? We can sometimes be stubborn when it comes to being right. There was an experiment in 1960 that involved ordinary unsuspected people and actors who pretended to be ordinary. They were all placed in a room together. They were all asked to look at two pictures: one was with three lines and the other one was with a single line in the middle of it. The question was which line in the first picture was as long as the one in the second picture? The answer was quite obvious and they all guessed it except the actors which were instructed to pick the wrong answer. And you probably know what happened next, the ordinary people changed their answer to the wrong one. But when they were tested individually they all gave the correct answer. Our decidion is based of the others in the group and that was the whole point of this experiment.


Imagine, you are sitting in a room and all of a sudden a smoke comes from nowhere in the room. You would probably do something about that, right? Well, I wouldn’t be so sure about that! There was another experiment in the 1960 that involved students who were asked to discuss about problems of city life. City life was just a cover for smoke and they were given some questions about the topic. While they were filling in the questions a smoke came in the room. At least 3 people run out and tried to call in for help because smoke is an indicator for fire and that is how a person should react. In another room 9/10 students were told to not react to the smoke when it will come and the student that didn’t know what was going on tried to react but saw that all the others were still sitting in the chair and he tought that that was kind of right.


In this digital world it is hard to imagine a day without our devices. How many days you think you can go without touching a phone? The time when you are asleep doesn’t count, think you can go for about 8 hours? There was an experiment about this when children were instructed to do whatever they want without touching any kind of devices for 8 hours. Only 3/68 passed the test which is very bad. The people that passed the test were doing their favorite hobby and they weren’t bothered by anyone.