One Simple Mineral we take for Granted Prevents Diabetes, Asthma, Heart Diseases and Depression

Many minerals are often overlooked, but many of them are vitally important for our body. Deficiency of some minerals could lead to a situation where even the most effective natural remedies can fail to work.

For example, lack of Magnesium affects the occurrence of various ailments like diabetes, asthma, heart diseases and depression. This paints a pretty grim picture for a health map that lacks in this magic mineral.

And the occurrence of these deficiencies due to magnesium’s lack is only natural, for over 300 chemical reactions in our body require magnesium to process forwards.

However, unlike other minerals, Magnesium Chloride is fairly simple to obtain and include in our daily diets. Magnesium Chloride salt supplements are easily absorbed by our bodies, providing all the vital minerals one needs in order to stay healthy.

This article contains the scores of reasons that describe the importance of this naturally occurring mineral for our body functions:

1. Increases bone strength, endurance, and energy

2. Increases productivity

3. Reduces arterial plaque buildup

4. Helpful in reducing fatigue

5. Could reduce synovial cysts, calcific tendonitis, and cartilaginification 

6. Helps our digestion process

7. Helps to increase blood circulation

8. Promotes production of joint fluids

9. Increases white blood cells, thus strengthening the immune system.

10. Helps in muscle relaxation

11. Minimizes cysts

12. Reduces stress, relieves headaches and migraines

13. Can reduce depression, anxiety, and nervousness

14. Helps prevent atherosclerosis

16. Strengthens the heart and reduces palpitations and ectopic beats

17. Helps prevent and reduce sleeping disorders

18. Can reduce bladder, kidney, and gallstones

19. Improves the blood circulation in legs, brain and coronary vessels


While calcium is required for bone density, magnesium is required for absorption of calcium into the body. It increases calcium content in the bones. This is important because if left unchecked, calcium could build up as plaque in the arteries.

Magnesium chloride positively affects the neurotransmitters that are linked to many mental ailments, which hinder productivity. By positively enhancing these, it leads to an increase in overall productivity.

With time, we as a race have faced a common health ailment in the form of inflammation. It is varied and affects almost any body part you could think of.

Chronic inflammation leads to aches all over the body, and magnesium is one of nature’s strongest anti-inflammatory minerals. It has the potential to heal excruciating pains, letting people free from their dependence on medicines.


What more of an affirmation does one need when even the doctors are supporting this magic mineral and urging people to embrace it into their daily dietary plans. It has a worldwide acceptance amongst all communities, and the only reason we remain unaware of it is due to the change in time, dietary trends and techniques of food preparation.

Many doctors have called it a crucial element in both naturopathic and allopathic medicines when it comes to curing incurable/mysterious/rigid health problems.


Although it is a naturally occurring element, magnesium must be bound to another substance in order to be absorbed by the human body. One can find many magnesium supplements in drugstores which, unfortunately, are heavily processed.


With so many supplements that claim to impact your health in positive ways, it can be a challenge to make decisions that actually make a difference. Magnesium Chloride USP is one of the nature’s little secrets, offering an amazing opportunity to do right by your body, mind, and spirit. Used by naturopathic and allopathic physicians from coast to coast to address complications in patients, this one of a kind substance can make a lasting difference in your well-being.


Here is a simple and non-fussy method for incorporating magnesium into your daily life:

– Take 4 teaspoons of Magnesium Chloride.

– Dissolve it into approximately 34 fl oz of water

– Shake thoroughly till completely mixed.

Voila, there is your health cocktail.

Store it in the fridge and drink it before meals. Hold each sip in your mouth for 30 seconds before swallowing. For the people in the age group of 10-40, half a cup per day is enough, while for people from the ages 40-70 should drink a full cup of it. Beyond 70, a full cup in the morning should be followed with a full cup in the evening.

Make informed choices about your health and include these habits into your life for a better, healthier, happier you!

 Although there are many studies proving Magnesium Chloride to be perfectly healthy and essential, make sure to consult a doctor before using.