If You Notice These Changes On Your Nails, Visit Your Doctor Immediately!

We rarely think much of our nails, but according to studies, they can reflect our health status pretty effectively. Any kind of change on our nails, be it a discoloration or a change in shape, can indicate both minor and major health problems, which is why we should pay more attention to them.

Here are the changes on your nails you shouldn’t ignore:

Dry and brittle nails

If your nails are dry, brittle and breaking off easily, you’re probably washing the dishes without wearing protective gloves, exposing your nails to different chemicals that can harm them. Frequent use of nail polish removers might also do the same, but a thyroid disorder may be causing the problem as well. You can resolve the problem by rubbing your nails with a high-quality skin care cream that will keep them healthy and soft.

Bent nails

If your nails are bending downwards and the tips of your fingers start swelling, you may be suffering from kidney problems. In this case, it’s best to visit your doctor as soon as you can.

White spots on the nails

If you have small white dots on your nails, it might be because of lack of calcium or zinc in your body, fungal infections or some kind of allergic reaction. The white spots may also occur due to injuries and are generally not a big cause for concern.

Horizontal streaks

Horizontal streaks on your nails usually appear after an injury, but can also be caused by an allergic reaction to medications, rheumatoid arthritis or a more serious disease. If you notice that your nails have horizontal streaks on them, you should visit your doctor.

Vertical streaks

If you have vertical streaks on your nails, it’s just a normal sign of aging.

Chewed-off nails

Constantly biting your nails and the skin around them could be a symptom of obsessive-compulsive disorder. You can resolve this problem by applying a bitter substance on your nails which will prevent you from biting them.

Pitted nails

If your nails are pitted and thin, it’s probably a sign of iron deficiency. In this case, you should consume iron-rich foods such as beets more often.

Pale nails

If your nails are pale, it can indicate a problem with the heart or liver or anemia. Visit your doctor immediately in order to diagnose the problem on time.

Small indents on the nails

If your nails have small indents on them, it’s probably a sign of psoriasis. We strongly recommend visiting your doctor in this case.

Yellow nails

Besides being common in smokers, yellow nails may be caused by an advanced fungal infection. Sometimes, yellow nails may be caused by lung diseases, diabetes, psoriasis or thyroid disorders, so it’s best to visit your doctor in this case.