Did you know that a perfect natural remedy for many diseases is the onion? Besides its use as a flavor to almost every food, it can also treat diseases like, vomiting and it has enough power to act like general antibiotic which will improve our immune system.

Onion is a vegetable from the allium family and that is why it can give antibiotic and antiseptic properties. This vegetable is rich in quercetin and it can fight free radicals in our body.

Despite this use, onions have many other uses for treating arthritis, diabetes and reducing cholesterol levels in our body.

Here are interesting ways to use onions as a natural remedy:

Chest congestion

Mix onion with the juice of coconut oil and then apply the mixture to your chest and cover with the shirt. Let it stay during the night and you will see that the chest congestion will disappear the next morning.


Boil some chopped yellow onion in water and let the mixture cool down before straining. Feed a teaspoon of the mixture to colic babies every hour until you see improvements. This is an old Cherokee recipe for baby colic.

 Ear pains and infections

Put a few chopped onions in a sock then tie the sock and put it on the inflamed ear.


The film that covers onion skin can stop bleeding from cuts and will act as an antiseptic on the wound.


If you have problems with a cough just peel a larger onion and slice it in a half. Cover the halves with 1 tablespoon of brown sugar and let it stay in a bowl for about an hour. Do this twice a day and see the results.


You will only need to slice the onion thinly and rub your feet with coconut oil. Put just a slice of onion onto each of your soles and wrap them with a plastic wrap. Leave this remedy to work the whole night in order to extract the toxins and diseases from your body.


Here’s how onions can stop vomiting: grate a yellow onion and squeeze its juice through a cheesecloth first, then brew a cup of peppermint tea and let it cool down. Drink 2 teaspoons of onion juice, then wait 5 minutes before drinking the same amount of the peppermint tea. Wait for 5 minutes again and repeat the treatment until the symptoms go away. The vomiting should stop after the first dose and nausea should soon be gone.