Why Most Men Can’t Handle A Strong Woman

A woman becomes stronger by enduring pain, making sacrifices, overcoming heart-breaking experiences, having struggles and being selfless. This woman has been in deep and deadly waters and has managed to survive them. She is aware that in life you can be a teacher and also the student. However, men have trouble understanding strong women, probably because of the following reasons.

1.A strong woman doesn’t need a man to fight for her

Most men want to feel wanted. A strong woman will show her love for her man however she will also let him know that she can handle things by herself. She is able to fight for both of you instead of letting the man fight her battles. If there is a problem she will never remain silent, she will fight and deal with it anyway she can.

2.A strong woman knows what she wants

Strong women are always aware of what they want and how to keep it once they get it. If she likes a man she won’t wait for him to make the first move. Her independence can be intimidating for most men however confident men have no trouble having a strong woman as their partner.

3.She will require honesty and vulnerability

Men are not that comfortable talking about everything unlike strong women who want to discuss traumas, life-changing experiences and the things that hurt them in the past. A strong woman has been through a lot in her life which is why she wants an honest and vulnerable man she can identify with.

4.A strong woman is not afraid of intimacy

This does not refer only to making love. It is about intimacy in all aspects of life. A strong woman will never keep something a secret from her partner because she is comfortable with her passion and femininity.

5.A strong woman can see through lies

Strong women want honesty and trust in the relationship and they can sense lies the minute they are told to them. Since she doesn’t want to hold anything from you, you should also do that with her. If you have trouble being with her completely she will find a way to live with you sooner than you may think.

6.A strong woman wants integrity and consistency

Strong women don’t like inconsistency. They want respect and integrity from their partner and if he feels like he is becoming distant she will let him know that she is aware of it. A strong woman wants to feel like she is loved unconditionally and being disrespectful towards her will disappoint her the most.

7.A strong woman is intense

She has been through very tough challenges and obstacles which required a lot of strength and power. She is prepared to endure the hurt and pain again which is something men are unable to completely understand. She will share her past scars with you and she will expect you to do the same thing without having secrets.

8.A strong woman will not wait for you

A strong woman wants to know you are committed to her and if you pull back she will let you go. If you want more time to decide whether you want her she will never wait for you. She might feel hurt, however she will get over it and prepare herself for the following challenge or obstacle.

9.A strong woman will love you unconditionally

Strong women are faithful and they will nurture you just like a mother nurtures her children. If she feels she is receiving the love she is giving, she will do anything for you. This unconditional love and support are often frightening for some men which is the most common reason why they leave strong women. However, she will never fight for you if you don’t love her because she knows how much she is worth.

10.A strong woman will show you who you are

We have trouble accepting the things we don’t like about ourselves when someone points them out. A strong woman will show you how you can change yourself so that you can become better and stronger and she will teach you how to accept yourself and become more confident. Strong women find strong men which know how to deal with the honesty and intelligence.

Barry Paul Price writes, “Dating a strong woman is not something every guy can handle. He has to be confident in himself as a person, and as a man. Men must feel capable of meeting a woman’s needs. Traditionally, we did that providing financial security and physical protection. More recently, as women have expressed themselves with more independence and toughness, men aren’t sure how or when they’re needed by their woman. He ends up feeling unsure of his value and significance in the relationship. Many women tell me their man’s emotional support is just as important as financial and physical contributions. Unfortunately, men are not used to identifying masculinity with giving emotional support.”