Make These Movements Every Night Before You Go To Bed And Observe The Miracle That Happens! It’s Really Fabulous !

Do you have a hard time falling asleep at night?  If you have this problem this will interest you so much that when you finish reading it you will put it into practice without thinking twice, and the results will be incredible.

Today we show you some very effective yoga postures that will help you relax your body and allow you to sleep peacefully. Watch until the end and discover what those exercises are.

Many of us have to turn around and turn in bed before falling asleep. When it happens to us very often, we end up feeling exhausted during the day. However, we can easily combat this problem with yoga movements.

Next, we leave you a list of them, so that you can achieve a deep and relaxing sleep.

• Balanza or Stance of the Child

Stance of the Child

If you have knee problems, we do not recommend this exercise. But if you do not have any related problems, we encourage you to do it without thinking twice. You will feel like your shoulders, stomach, back, nervous system and mind relax.

You must try that your heels hit your butt if you can not fold a blanket and put it on your heels. Also, you can stretch your arms forward. Remember to breathe deeply while performing this yoga position.

The Zapatero Lying

The Zapatero Lying

This position is also known as the butterfly posture. To do it, lie on your back. Next, raise your knees, stick your heels very well, and slowly drop your knees.

Many can not touch the floor with their knees if that is your case, place pillows on the sides to relax them. Your arms should be on the ground, totally relaxed and you should breathe deeply.

Lie on your back on the floor and grab your knees, bringing them to your chest, as seen in the picture. Now, you must turn from one side to the other very gently. By doing so, you will stretch and massage the lower part of your back.

When doing so, be sure to relax your shoulders and not leave them tense. Always remember to breathe deeply.

Torsion of Supine Column

Torsion of Supine Column

Lie on your back on the floor and slowly raise your knees. Now, you will drop them gently to the right side. To stabilize the legs, you can grasp the thighs with the right hand.

At the same time, you should stretch the other arm to the left, turning your head in that direction. While doing this position, try to melt your shoulders with the ground and do not forget to breathe deeply.

fish pose

Fish Pose

Sitting on the bed, you will let your arms fall behind your back. Now, you will slide the palms of the hands downwards, below the end of the glutes.

While you slide them, go pressing the bottom of your arms against the floor. This will make you bend your elbows a bit, lift your upper body and open your chest. Breathe deeply between 5 and 10 times and lie down, taking your hands from below.


Sit on a thick blanket or a very fat book and cross your feet as in the picture. Next, stretch your spine up and relax your shoulders. Now, concentrate on your breathing, and do not let anything distract you, just your breathing.

It is good to set an alarm for the minutes you want to stay meditating. Just stay there, without thinking about anything else, just your deep breathing.