Little Girl Cured Arthritis and Lupus By Removing These 3 Things From Her Diet

artritis and lupus

When Dr. Mark Hyman first saw Isabel, ten years old at the time, she had a severe case of an autoimmune disease, classified as a mixed connective tissue disease.Her diagnosis included rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus. Her condition came along with several debilitating side effects, and her disease was considered incurable.

Every part of her body was affected, her blood vessels, red and white blood cells, her liver and muscles, even her skin. Her skin was constantly inflamed, and she suffered from swollen joints and a swollen face. When Isabel visited Dr. Hyman, she was on steroids, aspirin and acid blockers. He explained that she was chronically “tired and miserable.”

None of the medications were making her any better, and her former doctors wanted to put her on a TNF-alpha blocker – an immune suppressant that may reduce some symptoms, but adds a great risk of cancer and death from the infection.

Refusing to accept that as her fate, she was brought to Dr. Hyman and less than a year later, she was symptom-free. Her blood tests were normal and she was off all her medications.

A Natural Healing Approach

Dr. Hyman worked to find the underlying causes of her condition. He found that the inflammation she was experiencing could be better controlled by a few simple changes in her diet.

Isabel had to adjust her diet – avoid gluten, dairy and sugar, and take a few supplements to cleanse the body and help it heal itself (a multivitamin, vitamins D, B12, and folate, fish oil, anti-inflammatory evening primrose oil, an anti-fungal, a probiotic, and a mercury chelating agent).Not too long after, Isabel was healthy once again. Dr. Hyman and Isabel decided to share their story to show others how successful their approach to natural healing was in this case. In the video below, Isabel explains, “I can ride my horse again, I’m off all these stupid medications, and… I feel great!

By removing gluten, dairy, and sugar from Isabel’s diet, Dr. Hyman was able to reduce her inflammation. The extra vitamins and supplements gave her body a natural push to get on track to healing.