How to get rid of open pores permanently & Acne Scars in 5 days

In the search for a beauty routine that eliminates all the imperfections of our skin, most people usually make mistakes that can cost us dearly. In fact, as we mentioned in the previous paragraph, we sometimes end up wearing much more battered skin.

Among the most noticeable imperfections, we can see on a person’s face are wrinkles, ears, bags under the eyes, spots, open pores and those horrendous black spots that usually appear on the nose and cheeks.

But, with the routine of natural beauty that we will be sharing in this article, we can renew our face completely without having to spend huge sums of money as we usually do when we use “professional” cosmetic products.

Step by step :

Step 1 – Morning Facial Mask to repair dry skin. Banana Face Mask

Step 2 – Rice Water toner for face to reverse aging

Step 3 – Potato Ice cubes Massage to close open pores

Step 4 – Cucumber toner

Step 5 – Moisturize your face