Storing a fresh avocado for a long period can be quite a challenging task. It seems like every time we buy avocado its either not ripe, or it goes rotten few days later.

Considering that avocados are not as cheap as some other fruits or vegetables, having them going bad on you can be quite disappointing. Luckily though, avocados can be easily frozen so that you have a delicious ripe avocado every time you need.

According to Jodi Brown, to properly freeze avocados you should simply remove the pit and slice the avocados lengthwise. On a cookie sheet, arranged the halved avocados and place the entire cookie sheet in the freezer. Freezing the avocados overnight is the best, although a few hours is likely fine, too

When the avocados are completely frozen, remove the individual avocados using a spatula, and place them into a sealable bag. By freezing the avocados in this way will ensure that they do not freeze altogether in one giant clump.

Next time you need fresh avocado, simply take one bag out on the freezer and use it to make delicious guacamole, or throw it into a blender to make your smoothie.

Check out the video below and follow Jody’s method for freezing fresh avocados:

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