How To Clean Spilled Nail Polish Off The Floor

If you regularly paint your nails, you’ve probably spilled it on your floor many times. What a bloody frustrating feeling when that happens! It makes me angry to see bright nail polish spilling on the tile floor or the hardwood. And what a huge mess when you try to tackle the spill!

Next time you spill nail polish on the floor, don’t panic. Beauty store employees are more experienced than us when it comes to this type of accident, and they know how to deal with it really well. When you spill nail polish on the floor, pouring sugar on it is going to make it clump up together and it can be swept right away. You won’t have to deal with some huge mess and stained floors.

Spilling nail polish on carpets requires a different cleaning method. First, use some paper towel to absorb most of the nail polish. Then, dab some acetone over the stain. This might take some time, but it will save your carpet.

When you spill nail polish on your clothes, the same method of cleaning the carpet will do the work. If the nail polish has dried already, hold an ice cube on it to make it as hard as possible. Then, you can simply flake it off.

Accidents happen, and so do nail polish spills. Fortunately, these useful hacks will do the job the next time this happens.