Here Is Why Drinking Water On An Empty Stomach Is A Good Idea !

Most of you are habitual of starting the day by either grabbing the morning cuppa or reaching for your cellphone/newspaper to see the latest updates across the world. How you start the morning, sets the tone for the rest of the day is something we know but still end up ignoring. A great habit to start the day with, is drinking water on an empty stomach.

1 . Removes Toxins

A glass of water at the start of the day, helps kick start the bodily functions and helps eliminate toxins from the body. The body works hard at repairing itself through the night, and water first thing helps eliminate all the toxins that are generated while the body is hard at work.

2 . Improves Metabolism

Drinking water first thing in the morning improves metabolism by up to 25%. Water helps cleanse the intestines that helps the body absorb nutrients better. It helps the body function more efficiently, making it healthy and fit.

3 . Prevents Constipation

During the sleep hours, the body gets dehydrated which impacts the digestive system more than other any other part of the body. Drinking water in the morning helps rehydrate the digestive tract and make it easier to excrete by lubricating the intestine, making it easier for stools to pass. Drink 400-600 ml of lukewarm water every morning to reduce constipation.

4 . Keeps The Skin Hydrated 

The body gets dehydrated through the night and the ill effects of dehydration reflect on your skin first, dull skin, blemishes and an uneven skin tone. In addition to this the un-eliminated toxins also harm the skin, flushing your body with water first thing in the morning helps improve skin elasticity & skin quality.

5 . Helps Keep Diseases At Bay

Drinking water in the morning helps keep the lymphatic system healthy, helps reduce the effects of free radicals, junk food, cigarettes & alcohol on the body. A healthy lymphatic system combined with a healthy metabolism is key to keeping major lifestyle diseases away.

6 . Keeps Away Those Extra Kilos 

Water on an empty stomach, helps in making you feel full, it reduces food cravings from the time you wake up, and stops you from reaching for food through the day. Luke warm water helps in eliminating the excess fat stored in the body. For added benefit drink a glass of warm water after each meal and watch the fat melt away from your body.

So, go ahead and include this great habit to your daily routine and it will help you stay healthy and happy. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!