This is How Headaches Reveal What is Wrong With Your Health (And How To Cure It Naturally)

Headache is type of pain that comes in variety of types and still comes as the most common health issue. In order to treat it you must know the cause.

In most cases headache comes after a dehydration and fatigue, but also it can be a sign of other health conditions.

Dr. Sakib Qureshi MD, has statement for the types of headaches. He claims that “red light warning signals” can spot real danger. It it’s advisable to learn how to recognize these signals, learn the symptoms in order to differentiate common headaches or other serious problem.

Long-term use of painkillers can cause side-effects, so it is recommendable not to be used, but to relieve the pain with natural solutions.

There are four types of pain listed as the most common and here are some natural ways of treating.

Tension Headache

As a results of stress which contracts the muscles of the scalp and neck occurs headache known as tension headache which is one of the most common.

If you are experiencing constant pressure at the temples, back of the head or the neck, you also may experience pain above or below the eyes. This type of pain often leads to vomiting and nausea.

Healing: prepare ginger tea and mix some peppermint oil to relieve the pressure caused of the tension headaches. Also you can apply some peppermint oil to the hairline to sooth the tension pressure on the head and neck muscles. The ginger tea will help you with reducing inflammation.

Cluster Headache

This type of pain affects the women in general more often than the men. Usually appears as pain felt over one eye. The pain is described as intense and impulsive, usually in a combination with nasal congestion, or rainy nose and even watery eye.

There are no specific explanation for the pain but is believed that this pain activates the nerve pathway in the brain.

Healing: A little bit of capsaicin cream applied in the nostril will prevent further appearance of nerve pain signals.

Sinus Headache

Infections can cause this type of pain, usually intense pain and pressure on the cheeks, eyes and a forehead are part of the symptoms. Sometimes you may experience fever.

Healing: warm water, lots of liquids will relieve the inflammation and open up the sinuses. Also it is recommendable intake of vitamin C, especially oranges and other fruits abundant with antioxidants. Fresh ginger with its powerful anti-inflammatory properties and lots of soups will help relieving the condition.


This headache affects the people from all ages, no matter if you are 25 or 55. People between 25 and 55 are prone to migraine.

This pain belongs to the complicated headaches. This condition is manifesting with strong severe and intense pain only in one side of the head, combined with nausea, tingling and numbness, visual disturbances, dizziness, vomiting. Also people are more sensitive to light, smell, touch and sound.

Healing: increase your level of magnesium, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin B12 intake. Include some aerobic exercise in your routine. According to some eminent scientist it is better and more effective to exercise than using the standard migraine medicine called topiramate.