Hair Growth Is Increased By 272%! This Method Is Known To Few! The Whole Point Is In a Few Drops

With excessive hair loss, anyone can face, regardless of gender and age. This trouble happens for various reasons: from stress at work, improper care, hormonal imbalance …

hair loss

Hair can begin to fall out in the off-season when the body becomes particularly sensitive to temperature changes and a lack of vitamins.

As soon as I notice that the hair begins to “pour”, I lean on fruits, vegetables and fish oil in capsules. And also 2 times a week I apply a home mask for hair I prepared. The result is immediately noticeable. I hasten to share the recipe!


Home mask against hair loss


  • 1 egg
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 1 tbsp. l. honey
  • 5 tbsp. beer
  • 1-2 drops of essential oil of rosemary or lavender


  1. In a bowl, stir a banana, add honey and mix. Add the egg, pour in the beer, mix it again.
  2. Apply the resulting mass to a moistened hair and scalp, then lightly massage it for 5 minutes. Put on a shower cap, wrap your head in a towel and leave the mask for 40-60 minutes.
  3. Wash your hair as usual.

hair mask

Bananas are the richest source of potassium and vitamins A, C, E, in which weakened hair follicles are so needed. Eggs also contain a lot of vitamins (A, D, E, B), which help stimulate hair growth, as well as lecithin, which strengthens the hair and gives shine to the curls.

beer mask

Beer is extraordinarily useful for hair! It is rich in B vitamins, which perfectly strengthen hair follicles. Also, the intoxicating drink heals the scalp: it removes itching, irritation, relieves dandruff, normalizes the production of fat.

honey hair mask

Honey is a part of every second strengthening hair mask because it is difficult to find another product with such a rich composition! Strengthens, softens, satiates, moisturizes and accelerates growth. Essential oils will give the curls a pleasant aroma for a long time and help to stop the fallout.

Even the thinnest and rare hair after a month of regular application of this mask will change. You will not have time to look back, as new hairs will go on growth!

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