This is Why They Give Jello to Hospital Patients-You May Be Surprised!

What is gelatin?

It is made of proline and glycine which are amino acids that many people fail to consume in adequate amount as they are found in the fibrous tissues, bones and organs that people do not consume nowadays.

These amino acids are very important for a good skin condition, hair and nail growth and for optimal immune function and weight regulation.
The glycine makes 1/3 of the amino acids in gelatin and it has anti-inflammatory properties that accelerate the healing of the wounds and improve the sleep quality.

Why it is given to people in hospitals?

It is regarded as clear liquid and it is also one of the easiest foods that the body can digest. In hospitals gelatin is given to some patients, because their stomach can’t handle any food. When a person is recovering, the body needs something that can be easily digested, which makes the jello a perfect solution.
The jello is a gelatin with some food color and it can improve the digestive strength and gut integrity by enhancing the gastric acid secretion and by restoring the stomach’s healthy mucosal lining. The gelatin absorbs the water and it helps to keep the digestive tract’s fluid. It promotes healthy bowel movements and good intestinal transit.

Its health benefits:

  • Gelatin is rich in proteins and only 1 tbs. contains six grams of protein;
  • It also improves the digestion as it naturally binds to water and it helps the food to move easily through the digestive tract;
  • It also improves joint and bone health as it contains amino acids that strengthen the joint’s cartilage;
  • It helps with intolerances of food and allergies. It heals the digestive tract and the lining of the stomach;
  • It also eliminates toxins. The amino acid- glycine assists the liver to remove the system’s toxins;
  • It contains keratin that is great for the skin, teeth, nails and hair. Therefore, it promotes teeth, nail and hair health.
  • It improves the skin elasticity because it is made up of collagen and its regular consumption will make you feel younger and healthier;
  • It heals the wounds faster as it contains glycine that has healing and anti-inflammatory properties;
  • It is also helping you to sleep better and according to a study it improves the quality of sleep and regular consumption can shake off the drowsiness and improve the cognitive function;
  • It also helps the weight loss and according to experts it stimulates the human growth hormone production and it boosts the metabolism.

Recipe for a delicious jelly (Homemade)

Needed ingredients:

  • Three tbs. of unflavored gelatin;
  • One cup of green tea;
  • One cup of fresh strawberries or grape juice;
  • One cup of orange juice (freshly squeezed);
  • Stevia or honey


At first, cook the green tea and add some honey and stevia. Then, add the gelatin, Mix it until the gelatin is dissolved. Put it aside from the heat and leave it to cool. After that add the grape and orange juice and mix them well. At the end, pour it in a container and refrigerate it for three hours. The jelly is ready for consumption. Enjoy it!

Via: Your Health Remind