Fantastic Russian Recipe That Dissolves Thrombus


Women are characterized by being beautiful delicate beings and curves that leave most of the men crazy in this opportunity we want to teach you how to eliminate one of the problems that make them feel more self-conscious.

You’re right, we’re talking about Recipe That Dissolves Thrombus or varicose veins. This condition can not only be a bit embarrassing for women, but they can also feel like a burning sensation when you sit down or do any activity.

The aesthetic treatments that exist today to eliminate varicose veins consist of injection are extremely painful or procedures that are clearly expensive and you know very well that we do not support such procedures.

Without further ado, we will give you a recipe with which you can eliminate varicose veins in just days so point your pencil and notebook so you have this on hand.

Ideal remedy to eliminate varicose veins in just days

Before touching the recipe as such we wanted to talk about what are the factors that usually give rise to varicose veins:

-Genetic factors
-Having a life lack of exercise
-Abrupt changes at the hormonal level
-Circulation problems
-Over time

Now that you know what are the factors that lead to varicose veins you can make an analysis of your condition and know why they are appearing

Ingredients that you will need:

-Half a cup of fresh carrot
-Half a cup of aloe vera crystal or also known as aloe vera
-Apple vinegar


In the blender, you are going to place the chopped carrot the crystal of aloe and finally, you are going to add the apple cider vinegar until you have a completely homogenous mixture


You will place such a preparation where you have varicose veins and leave your feet up for about half an hour.

Then you can remove such mixture with cold water little by little so it does not cause a shock to your skin.

Now we want to talk a little about the many benefits that vinegar can offer you.

It helps you with weight loss can control diabetes fight the fungi in the skin calm the cramps that give at night in the leg area reduces the appearance of varicose veins.

How can you see this remedy very simple and you can do it with ingredients that you surely already have in your house.

If you do not know where to get the aloe with just going to the nursery closest to your home you can ask for one or two thick pads from which you can extract the glass.

Give the opportunity to this remedy that after all the only thing you have to lose are the varicose veins and the discomfort that you get when walking.