If You Experience Any Of These 11 Signs You Are Being Energetically Drained…

This spiritual energy is all around us and we feel it constantly. It can be positive or negative and influence us accordingly. You’ve probably noticed how some people have a positive vibe and lift you up with the positive energy they spread, while others bring you down with their negativity. No matter how we feel, the energy of others affects us significantly and changes our mood.

 In this article we’ll focus on those people who drain the positive energy from others and feed on it to fuel their own thirst for negativity. These people are called energy vampires, sucking someone else’s energy and making them feel down.

Non-Physical And Physical Energy Vampirism

Defining the terms physical and non-physical vampirism can be a bit abstract and even though you might find it difficult to believe, there are people and entities who fall under these categories. The first category, physical, defines the people who thrive on stealing energy from others but unintentionally, as they cannot function otherwise. While the other group, non-physical vampires, are the invisible beings around us that steal our energy intentionally.

Recognize when you’re being fed on by non-physical or physical energy vampires

  1. Feeling drained and exhausted when you’re around someone or even when you talk to someone on the phone
  2. You eat healthy, you exercise and you still feel tired all the time.
  3. If someone abuses your love to get you to do something you’re not keen on doing.
  4. Being around narcissists who abuse you emotionally and belittle you all the time, making you insecure and scared. Stay away from this type of people even though it can be difficult.
  5. Devoting too much of your time and energy by praising another being, god, guru or entity. It may feel like it fulfils you but it drains your energy and can be detrimental to yourself.
  6. Too much drama in your life
  7. Sexual intercourse without emotions which doesn’t make you happy only drains your positive energy.
  8. Being in an abusive or toxic relationship.
  9. Your family being disappointed in your actions and your achievements will only make you feel bad about yourself!
  10. Blending in with the crowd, following a certain set of rules and not trying to stand out and just be yourself.
  11. If you’re the go-to person for everything and people start treating you like that. This will inevitably come to your head and make you frustrated so try to put a stop to it before it drains you out completely.