Every Woman Would Surely Want to Do The Same!

We all have loads of those dresses and tops from which we can flaunt our well toned gorgeous backs!

A bra strap showing through is definitely an eyesore, and a backless bra is what saves the day! The good news is that you don’t really need to head to the market to buy yourself one, especially when you are hard pressed for time. Because we teach you, through the directions and the video below, how to make one yourself!

You will need:
– a bra, obviously! Make sure you get a an under-wired one with padded cups, and one that you don’t mind messing with;
– scissors;
– sewing pins;
– needle and thread.

Get to work!
1. Cut the straps off at the point where it touches the back panel.
2. Now cut this back panel off from where it is attached to the sides of the cups
3. Bring the straps to the centre point of the underwire of each cup.
4. Pin it at this place with the sewing pin.
5. Try this on to check whether the fit and form is to your liking (Be careful, since the pins are still there!).
6. Once you feel it is right for you, sew the straps in place with the needle and thread.

You’ve just made yourself a magnificent backless bra! Time to delve into that wardrobe to carry off your backless dresses with élan!