Contaminated Foods From China Flooding Into The U.S Under The ‘Organic’ Label

Are Foods From China Contaminated? How To Know What’s Safe To Eat

Actually, we have to be really honest right now, as the air is polluted in China and of course the soil to, the food is even more. So we have to be very careful about what and where we buy from. Although, China seems to be a far way from us (America), we still need to watch what groceries we buy.

We do not want to harm ourselves and the people around us. We must check the labels first.

Why the food in China is polluted?

The fact is that the food inspections and safety in China, are in its lowest level. Most people in China do not believe in inspection services and therefore in the quality of the food they serve. Water and soil are also contaminated, making crops very difficult to implement and there is the possibility of developing any type of bacteria.

The US customs services often reject larger quantities of shipments from China, but some still find their way to markets close to us.

How best to avoid contaminated food from China?

If you are planning to buy garlic, apples, chicken, mushrooms, rice, peas from China, you should avoid it.

Here are some tips from us on how to save your food:

  • Buy organic food where you can see that it writes GreenFood. This food is certified organic.
  • Wash and peel. This goes to any type of food, no matter where and what you buy it. It reduces the chance of you getting any bacteria in your body.
  • Always, especially always be careful when buying seafood. Whether you are planning to buy Fish or something else, it is better to choose to eat something other than to eat something that has not been tested and publicly confirmed that it can be consumed..