Carrot Smoothie With Ginger, Discover all its Benefits With This Recipe.

Preparing this natural juice is quite simple and will not take up too much of your time each day. In fact, if you prefer, you can take it only three times a week.

The result is a drink with energy properties, ideal for improving health, but also for increasing physical and mental performance.

It is recommended for moments of anxiety about food, as it is a healthy way to calm hunger without going overboard with calories.

It is also useful as a supplement to relieve colds and flu, since its compounds help fight viruses. Here is the recipe:


2 oranges
1 carrot
200 ml water
1 piece ginger
half a lemon
30 grams sugar


Peel the piece of fresh ginger and put it in the glass of the American blender or glass.

We also add the peeled orange juice, the peeled carrot and the half lemon also without skin to the glass.

Remember to remove the white skin that separates the pulp, since otherwise it can be bitter.

We crush all the content until the mixture is fine.

If you like it finer, strain with the basket or strainer.
To serve.


Carrot ginger juice is a delicious and healthy way to get more vitamins A and C in your diet.
It provides only 130 calories per glass and represents an excellent substitute for carbonated drinks and soft drinks sold on the market.
Given its high nutritional content, consuming it provides the benefits that we mention below:


Both carrots and ginger have positive effects on the immune system thanks to their high levels of vitamins A, C and E.
It is known then that vitamin A is essential for the production of white blood cells from the bone marrow, which destroys the pathogens that cause us diseases.
For its part, vitamins C and E destroy free radical molecules and create a protective barrier against the attack of viruses and bacteria.


Gingerol, a main active compound in ginger, lowers blood pressure and also improves blood circulation to reduce heart risk.
Combined with vitamins A and C from carrots, it also helps clean cholesterol from the arteries and decreases the chances of coronary heart disease and stroke.


The skin is one of the parts of the body that benefits the most from the continuous intake of this natural juice. Its high concentration of vitamins A and C increases the production of collagen, they are therefore a necessary substance to keep it young and without imperfections.

It also has small amounts of vitamin E, an antioxidant that protects against oxidative damage and UV rays from the sun.


Although it is not a miracle drink against cancer, its daily consumption today could have positive effects in the destruction of malignant cells.
Vitamin C decreases the risk of breast and stomach cancer, while gingerols promote the death of ovarian cancer cells.

Continuous consumption of this juice is also an excellent way to support the digestive system, including the colon.
Its properties protect the mucosa of the stomach, feed the healthy bacteria of the intestine and also fight constipation.