In this article, you will read how you can treat cancer with a natural solution and with that you can forget about surgeries or chemotherapies.

One man dedicated his entire life to researching the way to treat cancer. That man is called Rudolf Breuss and he is from Austria. He is the naturopathic doctor and he claims that he found the natural solution for cancer and he called it ‘’Total Therapy’’. He also stated that since 1986 around 45,000 people that had cancer were healed from this disease with his ‘’Total Therapy’’.

What is the ‘’Total Therapy’’?

Well, it requires changes in the diet and it lasts for 42 days. Those changes are needed so cancer won’t receive the ‘fuel’ needed to develop and it will starve. Only raw vegetables and fruits in liquid form are allowed during this therapy and nothing else.

The vegetables and fruits should be without sediments and to be organically grown produce. And the best part about this therapy is the fact that the healthy cells will be in their normal condition while the cancer cells will be destroyed which is not like the chemotherapy that also kills the healthy cells as well. With not providing any protein from the solid food you will actually destroy cancer because according to Dr. Rudolf that is cancer’s ‘fuel’.

But many other experts are also recommending the vegetables and fruits in liquid forms for many other health problems and diseases because the immune system will be strengthened and that will keep your overall health. For the therapy of Dr. Rudolf are needed potatoes, carrots, beetroots, celeriac, and radish. Also, herbal teas should be consumed during those 42 days.

To prepare the juice that will help you in winning the battle against cancer you will need:

1 beet

1 carrot,

1 radis

1 celery stick and

1/2 potato.