It’s Called RUE Because Its Healing Properties Are So Efficient



There are many medicinal plants that are almost treasures of nature and one of them is the rue and is that as its name says, it is rough when it comes to curing diseases.

This herb is known in almost all the world for its healing properties, it can be male or female rough rue and each one has its uses that today we are going to explain.

It is an aromatic plant with yellowish green leaves and small flowers and grows in dry areas so it adapts very well to the Mediterranean climate, can grow at home or even in orchards and because of its strong smell away insects.

In ancient Rome they cultivated it and took it when visiting a prisoner because it was believed that this plant was able to chase away the well-known “evil eye”, and on their part the Chinese to ward off evil thoughts, the magicians to cure the sick and defend against spells, and to the Hebrews, Egyptians and Chaldeans was a sacred plant.

And in America rue was used to prepare spells of love, because if a twig of this was placed in the light of the moon and it was given to the loved one, it could be conquered. To know more details about this plant we encourage you to continue reading this post that we have brought to you today.


The rue, sacred plant

Surely you wonder how to grow this plant. It turns out that it works better if you take a slice of a foreign Rue and show it to the person who will use it since the person who starts it will give the energies to the leaves.

In order for you to plant it well, you must know that you should not do it if you have negative energies such as bad mood, depression, anger or stress, because that is how the plant will grow, with these energies.

If you are a woman, do not plant it during your menstrual period, you must have faith when sowing it, otherwise, you will not get results, you must also have time to expose it to the sun a little and water it.

There are two types of rue, the male has large leaves and should be planted on the left side of the garden and the small leaves are the female and you should plant it on the right side.

If you have cats, you can drive them away, or you can put them in places where you do not want these animals to relieve themselves.

If you see that the plant withers, do not save it because it is absorbing the bad energies and is contributing well.

Among the medicinal properties, it helps to tone stretch marks, improves digestion, is antispasmodic, helps in menstruation, reduces stress, relieves pain and helps lose weight.

To take advantage of these properties you should consume it in moderation because if you exaggerate, it can be toxic. You should only put 12 leaves in a liter of water and boil, let stand for 10 minutes and ingest 2 times a day.

Among other mystical uses of this plant, it helps as protection of homes, attract prosperity, cure diseases and remove the negative energies.

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