They Call It The “Destroyer” Because With a Couple of Drops it Eliminates The Fungi Of The Feet in Record Time

You don’t wear beauty only on your face, torso or hair, but also the nails of both your hands and your feet. It is necessary to know that the nail care is essential to show beautiful and healthy limbs. Sometimes different spots or fungi appear on the hardened cells of our fingers and we have to find a way to eradicate them. Fortunately, natural medicine has many recipes that can eliminate fungi with just a few drops.

oregano drops

One of these remedies is oregano oil, which has many healing properties capable of preventing and eliminating nail fungus in just 3 weeks. This liquid you can buy it done or you can simply prepare it, yes, it takes some time but the wait will be worth it.

How to prepare oil of oregano?

You must crush a handful of oregano, place it in a container with a tight lid and pour olive oil to cover the entire bottle.

Once all these steps are completed, you have to place the liquid in a dark and cool place for 3 weeks so that it macerates and the properties of both components are renewed. When the time has elapsed, you can use the oil culinary or medicinally. Now without further ado, we proceed to explain how to prepare medicine to cure fungi in a short time.

Home remedy to eliminate nail fungus


  • 1 tablespoon of oregano oil
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  • 1 mop of cotton or a swab

The preparation of this recipe is extremely simple, you just have to mix both oils in a small container, dip the cotton or hyssop just a little in the remedy and then apply on all the nails in order to prevent the fungus and eliminate those already they have.

Let it rest for 10 minutes doing some massages in the cuticle and then proceed to wash your hands with plenty of water. This process must be repeated daily for 3 weeks.

Properties of the ingredients used in the recipe

In both ingredients are many nutrients and proteins that not only cure the fungus in the nails but also act positively in our body to eradicate different diseases.

Oregano oil:

This oil helps to strengthen the immune system, purify the body, eliminates bacteria, microbes, and fungi that are anywhere in the body and improves breathing.

Olive oil:

Strengthens the nails, eradicates dirt and all kinds of bacteria that are in them, it is also essential to give them shine and make them grow. All this is achieved thanks to the nutrients that make up this liquid.

What are you waiting for to prepare this recipe and apply it to your nails? Tell us your results in the comments section and share this valuable content on your social networks so that more people know how to get rid of nail fungus.