Helicobacter Pylori is a bacterium that causes pains in the abdomen, which enters into your body and prospers in the gastrointestinal system. Its presence will eventually cause the formation of excruciating ulcers. These ulcers are in fact sores around your stomach’s lining.  In 1982 it was found out that most of the ulcers and stomach pains are triggered by this bacteria.

If you are not familiar with the existence of this bacterium, you should know that you are not the only one as many people have not heard of it. Although there is no such wide knowledge of this bacterium, it is pretty common, in fact, it affects approximately 2/3 of the world’s population.

Helicobacter Pylori bacteria tears down your stomach’s lining gradually, which ultimately will reduce the lining of your stomach, allowing the stomach acid to enter through the lining. When this happens, infections, bleeding, or keeping the food from moving through the digestive tract will take place. You can get this bacterium from water, food, or silverware.

So, if you are a person having this abdominal pain, then you are most probably suffering from this type of bacteria. Check this with your physician, and before he determines your therapy we suggest the use of the following natural treatments.

Natural Treatments for Helicobacter Pylori

  1. Cranberry Juice
    According to a clinical study conducted in China on humans, showed that cranberry juice has the ability to fight off H. pylori. It was discovered that cranberry juice decreased the infected by 14%.
  2. Other Natural Treatments
    Aside from the above-mentioned treatments; there are also other natural treatments against this bacterium. One of which is organic licorice, which is traditionally used for ulcer conditions in Kampo, Chinese, and Indian medicine. Likewise, it is highly efficient in the treatment of Helicobacter Pylori.
  3.  Raw Honey – Manuka Honey
    This kind of honey has been comprehensively studied in the case of this bacterium, and it has been proven that is extremely effective in the removal of this bacterium, and as a matter of fact of all infesting bacteria in the abdomen. Therefore, consume 1 teaspoon of Manuka honey on a piece of toast three times a day.
  4. Probiotics
    Persons who have used probiotics with the triple therapy had reported higher success rate in treating the overgrowth of the H. pylori and also experienced less unfortunate outlets. This method has been proven helpful in patients who have already undergone an antibiotic therapy, which turned out to be unsuccessful.

The consumption of red wine and green tea is also an efficient way of eliminating this bacterium. Both of them contain natural antibacterial properties that can treat the abdomen infected with H. Pylori.