ATTENTION: You Think That 120/80 Is A Normal Blood Pressure?! Here’s the Answer…

blood pressure

Many people around the world suffer from hypertension – high blood pressure. The medical experts say that hypertension is a common cardiovascular issue, which affects both men and women. You should be very careful because if you don’t treat it on time, this health condition can be life-threatening.

Therefore, keeping your blood pressure under control is vital because as you grow older, this condition becomes harder to manage. You should know that a recent, study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, with more than 2,000 participants (affected with hypertension) – has confirmed this.

You should know that this health problem negatively affects the function of your arteries, kidneys, and the entire body in general. So, as we mentioned before, if it’s not treated on time – it can result in heart or kidney failure, stroke, and other fatal conditions.

Note: hypertension is usually treated with aggressive therapies. But, the bad thing is that the same treatment cannot be applied to all people. This means that hypertension medications for 50-year-olds and 80-year-olds are a different thing due to the fact that different age groups respond differently to treatment.

Many people all around the world think that 120 over 80 is a normal blood pressure and that if your blood pressure is higher you need to visit your cardiologist immediately. Well, this no longer applies!

The ESC Association issued new guidelines, according to which the normal pressure to 140 systolic (the top number in a blood pressure measurement) and 90 diastolic (bottom number).

This, however, does not apply to people with diabetes, in which the limit is 130 over 80, as in the older population.

Previously was thought that if someone’s blood pressure is 139 over 89 that that person is already in hypertensive condition and that this person needs to take meds immediately in order to avoid increased risk of heart attack or stroke.