Asparagus Is A Highly Alkaline Food For Scrubbing Out The Kidneys, Bladder And Protecting Liver Health

Asparagus is a highly alkaline food. It is also a low-calorie vegetable that is not only good for your shape but will make you feel happy. So who wants to be young for a long time, it is necessary to eat asparagus as often as possible.

This vegetable supplies the body with magnesium, copper, folic acid, and vitamin E, which strengthens the heart and bloodstream and slows down the skin’s aging and vision dilation. The main ingredient in asparagus is the amino acid asparagine that stimulates kidney cleansing, activates the liver and bile, and thus stimulates the excretion of toxic substances from the body. The latest studies have confirmed another action of asparagus: asparagus in our brain activates the hormone of happiness.

When it comes to calories, the asparagus belongs to the kind of vegetables that have the least calories. In addition, the asparagus contains a micro chromium element, which reduces the feeling of hunger.

According to the latest findings, people who suffer from gout have to completely renounce the asparagus.

White or green asparagus have almost the same vital ingredients. Green asparagus contains more chlorophyll for better memory and stress. And white asparagus has more asparagus and gives more strength.

The healthiest way to eat and prepare asparagus:

Boil the asparagus it becomes soft, put olive oil. And finally seasoned it with spicy herbs and parmesan.

With asparagus, it would be good to drink only white wine, but not red. Because the ingredient tannin in red wine leaves the vitamin B1 without action, and we need it as food for the nerves.