16 Ways to Stop Worrying About What Other People Think

care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner

We all want to be liked, but if you find yourself spending too much energy thinking about what others think about you, you may be creating an unhealthy pattern that can be debilitating to your success.

If we are honest, we have all spent time worrying about other people’s opinions. In fact, we all care about what other people think of us. Since we are humans, it is completely natural to have a desire to be accepted by the society.

However, when we start worrying too much about others’ opinions and that starts to have an impact on us, we get in trouble. By letting opinions of other people influence us, we lose the control we have over our lives.

And, that may destroy us, so in order to avoid it, we need to learn how not to care that much. Below is a list of 16 ways that can help you stop worrying about what other people think about you.

1. Concentrate on the Important

If it has happened to you to make a choice because it was what others wanted, you probably know that it does not have a positive result. But, when you get your focus on the things that matter, you start seeing the bigger picture.

Being your own person gives you an opportunity to achieve your goals. Always keep in mind that it is your life and you should not live it to impress others.

2. Remember Most People Do Not Care

Most people spend the time worrying about their own lives, as you do now. Even when people express their opinion about your life, remember that they did not spend a lot of time thinking about it.

3. Do Not Apologize

If you find yourself constantly apologizing, then you are definitely worrying too much about others’ opinions. Of course, you should apologize when you know you have done something bad. But, avoid apologizing for everything because we are all entitled to our own opinions.

4. Keep Perspective

Remember that what others think is based on their own perspective, not yours. And, what is good for others may be bad for you and vice versa. Always be what you really are.

5. Relax

When we begin to overthink everything we fall in a vicious circle in which we tend to think and second guess everything we say or do. But, if you find yourself stuck in this trap, make sure to get out of it immediately.

Learn and accept that this is life and people will always have something to say about you. The only thing that is important is the way you feel, you should not worry about things that are out of your control.

6. Remind Yourself – You Know Best

You are the one living your life, and although there may be different ideas and opinions, the only one that knows what the best thing is for you is yourself. And, making mistakes and experiencing failures is the way you learn about life.

7. Be Careful of the People Around You

Being with the people that inspire you and uplift you is what makes you a good person, and it makes your life easier. On the other hand, spending your time with negative people you let them suck your energy and then you feel exhausted.

We cannot always be around people we like, but we should have at least a few of them to feel good while hanging out.

8. Mind Your Own Business

It is time to put an end to asking people what they think of you. Especially, you should not worry about opinions coming for unhappy, negative, and critical people. Remember, usually, the negative feedback comes from negative people.

9. Appreciate Others

When you learn how to care only for yourself and your opinions, you need to learn to appreciate other people. Also, you should encourage and accept their individuality. Stay away from rumors, and avoid being judgy.

10. Stop Being Too Sensitive

If you are one of those people that are too sensitive and everything that others say or do affects you, you need to try and build a thick skin. You need to learn how not to care.

11. Less Caring – More Doing

When you stop caring about everything, then you would be able to focus your time and energy on the things that matter. You need to know that you have a limited time, and you should stop spending it on overthinking, so only then you would be able to start doing.

For instance, if someone thinks that your business idea is stupid, but you think it is great, then who cares? Follow your heart, and do what it tells you. When you save your energy for action, you can achieve anything you want.

12. Do Not Try to Please Everyone

Remember that you can never fulfill everyone’s wishes. You can never live up to everyone’s expectations. It is okay for others to dislike you or what you do.

13. Look for Constructive Feedback

When you need to bring an important decision, then you may pick a few people that are able to give you a constructive, specific and helpful feedback.

14. Be Positive to Get Positive

Well, life is an echo, and what you send out is what you receive back. If you focus only on what others think, you may get stuck in their opinions instead of having your own. So, you need to try to stop worrying and start thinking positive in order to get the positive outcome.

15. Find Yourself a Role Model

If you have someone in your life that has a self-respect you admire, you should ask them to help you out. Their guidance can help you with your self-esteem and help you imagine your great future.

16. REMEMBER Life is Short

After all, life is too short, and it really is not worthy to spend it on worrying about what other people think. Can you imagine living a life by others’ wishes and standards? Of course not. Be yourself and live as you wish to.

Make an effort to let go of what others think. Do not think that it is impossible. It is a skill, and like every skill, it needs time and practice. You will succeed only if you try.