12 Everyday Stretches That Will Help You Avoid Pain and Stay Flexible at Any Age

The modern lifestyle brought to us numerous health issues, such as lower back pain, neck tension, muscle pain, shoulder tension, wrist pain or even sore muscles. All of them impede each muscle movement and makes it extremely painful and difficult. To eliminate these pains, most of the people use painkillers and creams. Instead, we should try to prevent the pain, and not to treat it.

Stretch 101 – Stretching will energize your body and at the same time, it will boost your blood flow. It prevents injuries, eliminates muscle stiffness, and relieves stiff joints.

Don’ts and Do’s of Stretching:


  • stretch injured muscles
  • stretch in a rapid motions


  • to alleviate stiffness, use topical magnesium oil
  • Stretch chronically tight areas
  • Hold stretches for 20 sec to relax your muscles
  • To allow your muscle to grow, stitch after an exercise
  • The best stretches are the yoga and physical therapy

Stretches for Muscle Pain -Align the spine with your neck and sit down having your chin tuck back and down

Neck Rotation – Turn your head to the right and stay like that for one minute. Then, repeat on the other side!

Neck Tilt – Stretch your neck with the help of your arm’s weight. Then, repeat with the other side.

Trunk Rotation – Put your arms over your chest and rotate the trunk. Then, repeat this process on the other side.

Hyperextension – Bend slightly for this stretch. Stretch out only your spine, don’t go further.

Trunk Lateral Flexion -Bend to one side and have the hand of your opposite side above your head. Repeat the same on the other side.

Fold Over – Bend over in your chair by ensuring that your neck is in a good position!

Back Scratch – Reach your hands without hunching over. Stay like that for a few seconds and repeat on the other side.

Quad Stretch – Stand straight and try to grab the top of the foot. Stay like that for several seconds and then repeat with the other leg.

Heel Chord – Keep your toe on the wall and then bend the front knee in a direction of the wall. Stay like that for a couple of seconds and repeat with the other leg.

Hip Flexor – Start off by laying on a soft surface. You will need a mat for this exercise so make sure you have one. Once set, lay down and bring the opposite knee to your chest and hold one leg straight. Once done, repeat this procedure with your other leg.

Leg Extension – You will need a towel or a workout band for this one. Start off by trying to reach the position, as shown in the picture, hold it like that and perform the same steps with your other leg.

Piriformis – Maintain your back and neck down before folding the left ankle over the right thigh, just above your knee. Hold it for a moment before performing the same thing with your other leg.