10 Surprising Ways To Free Your Body from Toxins and Shine With Health

We accumulate toxins in our body simply by being alive; did you know that? Well, it’s true. Of course, some people’s “extracurricular activities” cause toxins to build up much quicker in their bodies than others; consumption of alcohol, nicotine, and heavily-processed foods are the source of the many toxins we build up in our bodies.

Toxins effectively inhibit our body’s normal functionality. This is because toxins are stressors; in fact, they can even cause disease. More commonly, though, toxins result in us feeling sluggish and dull.

We found 10 ways that will help you detox your body and be healthy again.

Instead of morning coffee, have green tea.

Coffee, especially when unfiltered, contains cafestol, a diterpenoid molecule that can increase cholesterol levels. Avoid the build-up of the bad cholesterol and switch to drinking green tea or any herbal teas.

Drink plenty of water.

Water is a natural source for “flushing away” bad substances — the more you drink, the faster toxins from your body will leave it through your urinary tract. There is a great water-based drink that can help cleanse your body — simply add 2 tbsp of organic apple vinegar to one gallon of water and shake it. Drink daily in the morning.

Make probiotics or probiotic foods your favorite.

Your digestive system and how well it works is the key to a good body cleanse. To facilitate better functioning of your stomach and intestines, get probiotics as or eat probiotic foods. One of the greatest probiotic-rich foods is kefir or plain yogurt. Make sure you have it at least once a day and your digestive system will thank you.

Drink red wine

It may seem strange that an alcoholic drink is used to cleanse the body. Yet, there are many studies that prove how just one glass of red wine a day can improve your cholesterol level and even fight urinary tract infections.

Eat organic.

Organic vegetables, fruits, and meat do not contain toxins such as pesticides or antibiotics. Going organic will improve your metabolism and help your digestive system work better on removing the unnecessary toxic elements from your body. The processed food will never provide as many nutrients as the organic. Grow your own vegetables — plant an indoor garden or buy from local farmers.

Avoid refined sugars.

Refined sugars and artificial sweeteners cause the body to block its natural metabolism and build up too much glucose in the blood. Thus creating a vicious cycle of weight gain, as well as a chance of getting diabetes and heart diseases. Swapping to organic brown sugar, maple syrup, and other healthy sweeteners will do the trick. You will notice that your body needs to get rid of sugar when your cravings for sweets begin to grow.

Clear the air from toxins.

Toxins and toxic substances may enter your house through open windows. So, purifying the air is a good idea to make sure you don’t breathe the bad stuff _ get an air purifier and it will do the job. Simple dusting the furniture and cleaning the floor with a wet mop every now and then will also help.

Try fasting from time to time.

We eat and eat, and then we eat some more. And most of what we binge on consists of processed foods and refined sugars. Fasting for a day or two can help cleanse your body from harmful substances, as well as prepare it for a more healthy diet by lowering your appetite.

Go to the sauna or exercise.

Sweating is a natural way of cleaning the body from toxins. The more you sweat, the cleaner you become. Go to a sauna and sweat it out. However, consult your health practitioner before going since high-temperature exposure isn’t recommended for some people with health issues.

Another way to sweat is, of course, by exercising. Choose what suits you the most and go for it. Don’t forget to take a shower afterward to clean your skin from all the sweat!

Learn how to make detox smoothies.

Changing your eating habits may be very effective in getting your body detoxed. Eating a lot of raw dietary fiber can help improve your digestion and, therefore, help cleanse your system naturally. Make smoothies with fruits and vegetables or probiotic foods such as kefir or yogurt. You can play around with the ingredients just as long as you make sure they stay raw (and of course, wash them before consumption.)