Viral Hack For Cleaning Your Air Fryer That Makes it Look ‘Like New’

This trick to clean our fryer without oil has gone viral, although it can also have its risks.

In recent years, oil-free fryers have become popular , which allows us not only to be able to cook much healthier foods, but also being much easier to clean, although that does not mean that we do not have the pertinent tedious cleaning process after cooking. cooked.

Luckily there are different techniques that will allow us to clean our fryer without oil and leave it like the first day , and although there are many procedures that we can see on the networks, right now a trick to clean our fryer without oil has just gone viral. just a few seconds and leave it totally clean, as spotless as the first day.

This cleaning trick comes from the TikTok account called TanyaHomeInspo where we are shown a simple procedure that we can use to clean the fryer, something that will take you only a few minutes.

In this video that has been viewed more than 3.5 million times , you have to take out the fryer drawer when you want to clean it, and pour dishwashing liquid into it.

Then we add a little water, and put the drawer back in the fryer to set the timer for three minutes to heat it up .

As soon as it has heated up, you have to remove the drawer from the fryer once again and you will notice that when you tilt all the water over the sink, the dirt disappears, making the drawer look practically as if it were new.

This is a great trick to try for your oil-free fryer, but it can have several risks depending on the model of fryer you have in your home.

However, appliance expert Colin Jones says that while this procedure can be done, manufacturers expressly do not state that water and dishwashing liquid can be placed inside a deep fryer to clean it.

It also adds that each fryer is sealed differently , so if you put water and dishwasher in the drawer, and heat it, some water could leak into the internal motors, affecting the operation of the device.

In this way, before doing this trick, we advise you to read the instruction manual of your fryer to avoid any kind of breakdown, and if not, you can always use other procedures such as lining the drawer with aluminum foil, since helps prevent the accumulation of dirt on it.