Here’s How To Stop A Heart Attack In Only 1 Minute

It’s true. You can actually stop a heart attack in its tracts with the simple, but an amazing and awesome power of cayenne pepper. Cayenne pepper can actually stop a heart attack in about 60 seconds flat!


This is how to use cayenne pepper to stop a heart attack fast!

Famed healers such as Dr. John Christopher, N.D., and Dr. Richard Schulze, N.D., spread the word of cayenne pepper. For instance, Dr. John Christopher declared: “In 35 years of practice, and working with the people and teaching, I have never on house calls lost one heart attack patient and the reason is, whenever I go in–if they are still breathing–I pour down them a cup of cayenne tea (a teaspoon of cayenne in a cup of hot water, and within minutes they are up and around).”

It should be noted that these people, and many other healers like them, were speaking from their personal experience – not speculation – when referring to this power plant.

So what are the best practices in using cayenne pepper based on the voice and experiences of those that have actually used it?

The cayenne pepper powder must be at least 90,000 heat units or 90,000(H.U.) to be able to stop a heart attack.

If the cayenne is at least 90,000 H.U., and the person is still conscious, the recommendation is to mix:

1 teaspoon of cayenne powder in a glass of warm water (this is essentially a “cayenne tea”), and give it to the struggling conscious person to drink.

If the person is unconscious, then the recommendation is to use a cayenne tincture or extract, again of at least 90,000 H.U. and put a couple of full droppers underneath their tongue full strength.

As noted above by Dr. Christopher, in 35 years of practice he has never lost even 1 heart attack case if the person was still breathing when he/she arrived, and he attributed this great success right to the prudent use of the cayenne pepper.

Cayenne’s other uses

One of the most profitable uses of cayenne pepper is a catalyst in other herbal combinations. As a general rule, it should be added to almost all herbal combinations with the exception of those classified as nervines (combinations made specifically for nerve issues).

Because it has a stimulating effect on the body, it speeds up the circulation, thereby causing it to enhance digestion as well as absorption. Therefore, it can enhance or increase the effectiveness of practically any herbal formula.

In fact, it is often used this way in formulas for arthritis, various female complaints, infections, heart or circulatory issues, laxatives, diuretics, ulcers, thyroid issues, and so on and so forth.

Cayenne’s nutritional profile

Cayenne has at least 26 different nutrients! It contains minerals such as:

  1. zinc
  2. selenium
  3. calcium
  4. magnesium

It also contains vitamins such as vitamin A and vitamin C. Additionally, it boasts both “crude fiber” and “dietary fiber”, as well as carbohydrates.

Cayenne indeed appears to be a God-given “nitro-glycerin” when it comes to heart attacks, so people with a heart disease would be unwise and careless to leave their homes without it!