Let Her Sleep In! Women Need more Sleep than Men, Says Science

As seen on Your Tango, it is not uncommon for couples to fight over who sleeps in more. According to a study, it appears that it is women that should be the ones sleeping in later, not men. The participants in the study were 210 middle-aged men and women. The end results indicate that women are more prone to health problems caused by poor sleep and lack of sleep than men are.

What Did the Study Found?

In women, poor sleep can lead to psychological distress and feelings of anger, hostility, and depression. On the other hand, these negative feelings were not caused in men due to insufficient sleep.

The Importance of Sleep

Among other things, sleep gives the brain time to recover and repair itself and during the phase of deep sleep, the area of the brain which is responsible for thought, language, and memory disengages from the senses and enters the mode of recovery. Without doubt, the more we use our brain throughout the day, the more rest it needs and consequently, the more sleep.

Hence, if we take into consideration that a lot of women tend to multitask throughout the day, they are using their brain more than men and this is why they require more sleep and rest in order to function properly.

What’s more, women need more sleep and rest due to having a different brain wiring from that of men and a higher complexity. Averagely speaking, women need approximately 20 minutes more sleep than men, but there are women who may need more or others who may need less than this amount.

Therefore gentlemen, remember to always let your lady sleep in, she needs it and she will be thankful for it!

Useful Tips to Fall Asleep Easily

  • Set up a bedtime routine so that you teach the brain when it is time to relax and sleep
  • Avoid drinking stimulating beverages like coffee or energy drinks several hours before bed
  • Before going to bed, meditate for several minutes to help the brain calm down and enter the state of relaxation easily
  • Start doing yoga, especially poses that are known to boost sleep
  • Opt for 1 to 3 mg of melatonin supplement 60 minutes before bedtime

To learn more about why women need more sleep than men, do not miss out the video shown below: