How To Quickly And inexpensively Clean the Handles on the Stove from Grease?

On the stove, the handles are especially difficult to clean, grease and dirt accumulate on them. In the event that the handles are not removable, the task becomes more complicated at times.

But still there is one effective tool that allows you to quickly get rid of fat accumulations. The price is surprisingly low, and you can buy it at any pharmacy.
This remedy is ammonia-anise tincture. Also, for the cleansing procedure, cotton swabs, a toothbrush (old or not needed) are needed.

Apply tincture to a cotton stick and wipe the surface. Heavily soiled areas should be rubbed with a toothbrush. More attention should be paid to the processing of corners and joints. After the procedure, wipe the residue with a cloth.

Handles will be as clean as new. An efficient and inexpensive way!